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I have embraced my Atheism in the last year. I can no longer say I believe in all the hocus pocus of the Bible. I will admit that I don’t know, and if anyone claims to know for sure they’re idiots.

I want to not be afraid to express myself as an Agnostic Atheist, but my fiances family is highly religious (nondenominational) as is some of my family (Lutheran, Catholic). I feel like coming out will make people look at me differently, but I can’t sit in silence while they babble on about how great “God” is while people starve and are raped and suffer day in and day out.

What do I do? I can’t stay silent any longer. Do I just change my “religion” on FB and see what happens?

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Fuck I forgot to destroy capitalism.

Shit, they’re on to us. 
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An old friend from high school ended his life.
While speaking to someone about it they said our other friend whose life ended young will be waiting to give him a big hug.

All I can think when she says this is that, according to her belief, suicides don’t go to “heaven”.

Your “God” is all knowing? How could he not see that this young man was desperate? He couldnt help him? He couldnt show him his love and help to save his “soul” from burning in “hell”?

I refuse to believe in your “all knowing all loving” “God”. In my eyes this “God” of yours is a bully on an ant hill, setting us up for failure.

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